The decoration is carried out in an area specially arranged for the painting. When the cart is ready, you miss a coat of sanding sealer to make it all smooth. Then you get another hand sealer is applied the base will carry.

There are two ways to decorate: one is using a template and the other is more free, using only a compass to scratch the drawing. On the wheels whether to use template because it is a very complex part. First line drawing and begin to fill what they call basic curls. Once they are dry we proceed to do what is known as the shadows and hair. Finally he makes hiladillada is a thin line that borders the drawings.

History of decoration and painting of oxcarts in Sarchi In Sarchi

Mr. Felipe Arias was the one who introduced the designs and shapes, these were at first very geometric, with more straight lines than curves. He began to paint in a simple cart and used the colors red, blue and green, added white drawings and a small star of 5 or 6 peaks. Also Uria C spedes, another painter known for his trade sarchise o was who dared to paint the corners of the sides. Uria C spedes says, by the year 1925, he decided to break with the traditional figures of flowers and other figures to cover them with more colorful drawings. By the year 1910, began to paint simple designs and in other colors.